J F L E Releases album "Born Alone" - stream here!

Born Alone

Hailed as a triumph of sitting in his bedroom and making songs, Joey Edwards treats us all with 11 imaginative and memorable tracks, each coupling his own brand of well-honed songwriting and square-one aesthetics.

Speaking on the album, Joey states that he is "almost glad he wrote it".

Opening with a pair of solid dance-athon pumpers to set your bones undulating, the album then moves through a selection of moody and "alternative" pop offerings, with the vast and emotional instrumental 'Not In My Favour' apparently added as a late, but worthy inclusion. Highlights overall are thought to be 'Double Bind', with its tricky beat and full melodies; 'The Metaphysician' for its world-twisting birth out of pointless self-torment, and 'Goose Green' for its lovely noises and real-life references to real-life things.

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Alfred Wyke CBE